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Intensification of vacuum filtration of iron ore slurry using CLEARON S 954 surfactant

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The intensification and stabilization of vacuum filters for dewatering of iron ore concentrates (IOC) can be effective when using chemicals - surfactants for surface modification of particles filtered in such a way that on a pile-up step a thick cake is formed, and at the drying stage -water is removed effectively from its pores.

The technology of filtering iron ore concentrates slurry with the use of a nonionic type surfactant CLEARON S 954, developed by specialists of EWB s.r.o., can substantially improve the efficiency of disk vacuum filters.

To pilot test the effectiveness of the reagent CLEARON S 954 short-term industrial tests were taken at the ore dressing factory - Northern Iron Ore Enrichment Works (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine).

Vacuum-filter was chosen for the test. Before the test the vacuum-filter completed 158 hours.

Slurry characteristics:

  • density – 1780 - 1900 g/l;
  • iron mass fraction – 64,2 - 65,8%;
  • disperse composition  (- 53 microns):  93,2 - 95,5%.

The experiments were conducted with the following parameters:

  • Pile-up and drying vacuum – 80 kPa;
  • rotational speed of vacuum filter's drum: 0,3 - 0,75 min-1;
  • cake moisture prior to introduction of the reagent in slurry at 0,3 rpm: 10,0 – 10,4%%.

Point of entry of reagent CLEARON S954 - into drain tray of separators at the point most remote from slurry divider to provide more time in contact with slurry.

Effect of a dose of CLEARON S 954 reagent

on cake moisture indicators:

Effect of a dose of CLEARON S 954 reagent

on specific performance of vacuum filter:

The use of surface-active substance CLEARON S 954 allowed to achieve the following results in industrial tests at the ore dressing factory No 1 of Northern Iron Ore Enrichment Works:

  • to increase productivity of vacuum-filters to 100%, while reducing the cake moisture to 8,2 - 8,4%.
  • to achieve maximum moisture reduction at the ore dressing factory No 1 to 7.98 -8.0%
  • maximum dose of CLEARON S 954 reagent, which obtained the best results, was 120 g/t of concentrate.

The economic effect of introducing CLEARON S 954 reagent includes the following:

  • reduced electricity consumption;
  • reduced costs of maintenance;
  • reduced consumption of filtration fabric;
  • increased price of IOC, associated with decrease in moisture;
  • IOC marketing development.

Additional factor:

The implementation of IOC vacuum filtration technology with the use of CLEARON S 954  reagent at Ingulets mining and concentration complex allowed, despite the crisis in the steel industry, to increase IOC production and sales up to 1 200 000 tons / month, which is 10 -15% above the design capacity of the complex.


Appearence Turbid or clear liquid
pH Value 5-7,5
Iodine number <2
Melting Point <-20oC
Solubility in water Partially Sloluble
Density (23oC) 0.93 g/ml
Viscosity (23oC) Approx/ 50 mPa.s

Environmental requirements:

  • CLEARON S 954 is insoluble in water, almost completely adsorbed on the surface of the solid phase
  • does not produce fumes because does not have the boiling point, hence it cannot enter the air of working zone;
  • has no odor and does not foam;
  • rapidly biodegrades in water;
  • safe for transportation and storage.

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