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The polymeric binder used in the production of agglomerates, provides with an increased degree of kneading of the feedstock material. It also boosts the vertical sintering speed and improves the quality of sinter agglomerate, simultaneously diminishing the consumption of solid fuels of sinter production, as well as in the domain repartition.

The application of the polymeric binder when replacing bentonite or in combination with it will give the following results:

  • To decrease the flow of bentonite (in certain circumstances may complete elimination of bentonite) 30 - 100%
  • to increase the strength of the fired pellets at 10 -20%
  • to increase the strength of pellets in the reduction of (LTD ISO13930) 20 -50%
  • to increase the recovery rate of the pellets (R40 ISO4695),% O2 / min to 50%
  • to reach a narrower particle size distribution of the pellets
  • by a narrow particle size distribution of improved gas permeability layer in the firing process, which enables to  improve the performance of calcining machines 5 -10%
  • to reduce specific energy consumption by 2 -3Kvt / t
  • to decrease the flow by 1 - 1,8m3 / m
  • to increase the content of total iron (0.3 - 0.5%)
  • to reduce the gangue content (0.2 - 0.3%)
  • to lower costs (up to 1.5-3.0 USD per 1 ton of melted metal) in metallurgical processing