We strive to achieve the highest quality of service by the development of efficient technologies, responsible placement of an order, contracts and timely delivery of reagents.

By purchasing our products, You will become a client of the company, and thus, along with reagents, you get a qualified service of:

EWB s.r.o. is covering all the costs associated with the development of technologies and laboratory tests;

EWB s.r.o undertakes the full responsibility for the compliance of the quality of products according with the most advanced international standards;

• Specialists of EWB s.r.o. will regularly visit Your plant and carry out an appropriate control of the utilisation of our product and if necessary, will advise the employees of Your company;

• The company EWB s.r.o. shall immediately inform you about all the new opportunities in the water treatment processes and new products, which will appear on the world market.

At our disposal is a team of engineers that can quickly find solutions to the most of the problems that consumers encounter, as well to adapt the products and technologies for their use in specific conditions, and will provide free technical support for all consumer products.